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Frequently Asked Questions.

What is a split unit?

A ductless split system is an air conditioner which consists of two parts. The indoor unit (the evaporator) and the outdoor unit (the condenser). The evaporator is mounted inside the room, and is connected by insulated refrigeration piping (supplied by the installer) to the condenser, which is mounted outside.

Advantage of split units over ducted units

Split units are stand alone units which allow you to cool only 1 room at a time as opposed to the whole house. Less than 5% of energy is wasted through losses in the insulated refrigerant lines compared to 20% through ducts. Ductless split system require only 10 cm diameter hole in the outside wall which translates into better home aesthetics.

What is the typical split unit size?

Sizes of split units range from 9000 BTU to 28000 BTU. The size of the system that you require The type of is primarily dependent on the area you are trying to cool. A small room like a bedroom would only require a 10,000 BTU system whereas a large living/dining  room would need a system between 21,000 to 24,000 BTU to effectively cool the room. Other  factors which must be considered include ceiling height, window/glass door surface area, wall insulation, position of the room with respect to the sun (east/west) and foliage.

It is always advisable to have an expert technician provide you with the right advice when choosing your next split system, CALL US NOW.

Qualifications required to install a split unit

To ensure that your warranty remains in-tact, your system must be installed by an Accredited Professional who is Licensed with the required electrical, plumbing and refrigeration qualifications.

How often should I service my split unit?

We recommend an annual full service of all your units in order to keep the units running in top shape.

We recommend that you remove and check your filters on quarterly basis.  Our technicians can show you how to remove and clean the filters if necessary.

Why does my unit leak water?

Water leaking from a split unit is a result of plugged drainage pipe.  The most likely culprit is bio-film which builds up over time.

Call US NOW to remedy your leaking unit by utilizing our state of the art enzyme cleaning system.

Why do I need to service my unit?

All air conditioning units require regular maintenance in order to ensure proper functioning.  A well maintained unit will minimize your energy bills as well as lower the chance of costly repairs.

How do I make sure that I size up the unit right?

Seek advice from a qualified professional in order to size the unit right.

Are there any color choices for the indoor units?

It is possible to customize the look of the indoor units by applying a changeable skin on top of the unit.  Acson is one of the brands with changeable skin.

Is it better to hide the pipping in the wall or above the ceiling?

While it is possible to run the pipping inside walls, we do not recommend concealing the piping inside the walls  in case of insulation failure which will result in water damage and costly repairs.  Pipping placed above ceiling tiles which are easily accessible is not an issue.

What do you offer in the full service package?

Please refer to the service section for the details of the service package.